Mauritius is a small island in the Indian ocean with pristine white sand beaches, lagoons, coral reefs, crystal clear blue water. More than 50% of the population is of Indian origin with their forefathers coming to Mauritius as laborer’s to work in sugarcane fields.

Previously a British colony it was known for it vast sugarcane fields. It is ranked as one of the most developed and most competitive economies in Africa. Tourism is one of the major occupation among the citizens and it contributes significantly to its economy.

The mountainous interior includes rain forests, wild life, waterfalls, hiking trails and many more activities which make it a very popular and sought after tourist destination.

Places Worth Visiting

Disclaimer:   The above gallery are details of places/attraction worth visiting.   The final tour itinerary will be as per the duration of tour, budget specified and prevailing climatic conditions in country of travel.   Contact us to know more.